Mediation As An Option

Mediation is a private, confidential and cooperative process where both parties are encouraged to work together toward an equitable resolution. In mediation, the clients make their own decisions with guidance from the mediator.

Mediation AlternativeAs a neutral who listens carefully to each side, the mediator helps fashion a resolution fair to all parties. Philip Shecter is an experienced Mediator based in the San Mateo County who for the last 40 years has served clients from all over the world. He is particularly protective of the children keeping the children’s interest in the forefront in any separation or divorce. She counsels her clients and assists them in creating a parenting plan which takes into account the needs of the children.

Mediation is not only an appropriate vehicle for resolving disputes, but it can also help establish agreements from the beginning which will prevent future problems from arising. For instance, pre-marital agreements or business entity formations can benefit from the input of a trained, experienced mediator who facilitates discussion of important issues and allows you to create a framework for resolution. Whether you are joining or separating lives, disputing property or custody, forming or dissolving a business, or wrestling with an estate, trust, and probate issues, mediation with Philip Shecter provides a cost-effective and timely approach to reach a fair solution and to find peace of mind.

In family Mediation, or law matters including divorces, Philip Shecter usually mediates alone with couples and parties without additional costly attorneys present. CPA’s, appraisers, realtors, pension evaluators or other neutral experts are engaged if needed. Mr. Shecter's office prepares all the legal paper work if both parties request that service. Consulting attorneys for the parties may be present at the mediation sessions if the clients request their attendance.