Litigation as an Option

Most civil disputes are generally handled in an adversarial fashion–whether handled by an arbitrator or resolved in front of a judge or jury.  Throughout the process, of course,  the parties through their attorneys may negotiate in an effort to reach a resolution acceptable to all parties.  Early in litigation,  Attorneys Shecter and Witte seek to find solutions that are in the best interests of their clients, whether that be issue by issue or by resolution of the entire matter, taking into account the exensive financial and emotional costs of litigation.

Parties in litigation are usually first engaged in what is known as "formal discovery", but it quickly becomes expensive to the parties, as what follows are appearances in court on motions and request for orders with parties and attorneys sitting in courtrooms for hours, waiting  for their matter to be called by the judge.

For many years this was the only approach to family law matters.  Good family lawyers, such as Philip Shecter, work to settle their cases and bring about resolution with the least amount of animosity. Nevertheless, the preparation of the paperwork necessary to bring the matter before the court can be expensive and divisive. Clients need to use a Court when one party needs a protective order for domestic violence or unauthorized disbursal of funds and assets. Mr. Shecter's firm represents some select clients in court and custody matters, usually when the other side has already started the process in litigation and it is too late to mediate or use collaborative law.