Experience You Can Trust:

With over thirty years of legal practice and a sound reputation in the legal community, The Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter  provide clients with the support and guidance they need in the often complicated and emotional aspects of divorce, child custody and other domestic relations cases in California.

The Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter serve a diverse array of clients who depend on his experience, reputation and steady hand to protect their rights and guide them though complex and often heart-wrenching legal issues. Our attorneys equally represents both men and women on either side of the issues of divorce, spousal maintenance (alimony), child custody and other family law issues throughout the State of California in the areas of:


Post Nuptural Agreements

Property and Debt Division

Spousal Support (Alimony)


Child Visitation

Child Support

Jurisdictional Issues


What to Expect at Your First Consultation:

  At the initial consultation you will sit down face to face with Attorney Philip H. Shecter and discuss together the issues most important to you concerning a potential divorce, an ongoing divorce case, a child custody issue, financial     disputes in your divorce case or other family law matters. The Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter  will provide you with choices, possible alternatives and solutions to your problem along with your chances of success given any particular   course of action you make take.