You have many choices when selecting a Divorce Attorney, Lawyer or Family Law Attorney in San Mateo County and the surrounding Bay Area, but most of these firms advise their clients using the primary approach of traditional litigation as a solution to family law matters. However, the past 40 years have changed the way that people look at the custody and divorce process. Their expectations and views of the attorneys representing them during such an emotional period have also changed.

There are several options for handling a divorce. One most important consideration is experience and accomplishment. A fancy law school degree or a well-ranked website in your favorite search engine is no substitute for these. If you and your family are looking for a less combative, harmful and in many cases less expensive approach to solving divorce, custody, and family law matters, ask questions during your initial consultation to make sure that the San Carlos Divorce Attorney you hire for such a personal experience matches your expectations and is a good fit for you and your family.

Ask the lawyer about his or her knowledge surrounding mediation, negotiation, and collaborative family law options in the San Francisco Bay Area and her or his specific experiences. The last option is custody or divorce litigation, which is when each spouse is represented by a separate divorce lawyer in San Mateo County and where the case goes before a judge during the final process. It is important to ask your attorney questions about the other alternative methods available as well as litigation.

Listed below is a sampling of some recommended questions to ask when you are interviewing custody or divorce lawyers in San Carlos or San Mateo County:

  1. What are all of the lawyer’s credentials ?

  2. What awards has the lawyer received? Are they highly rated (e.g. SuperLawyer”), ?

  3. How many cases has the law firm solved using alternatives other than litigation?

  4. What peer review honors has the law firm received?

  5. How long has the lawyer been a San Mateo County divorce mediator ?

  6. What does the lawyer think about the Collaborative Law process?

  7. Does the lawyer provide any type of counseling services in the areas of family law?

  8. What approach does the lawyer take in solving custody matters?

  9. If the lawyer provides counseling services, is she a licensed therapist in any of these areas?

  10. How does the firm charge for their services? What are the upfront fees (such as retainer charges)?

  11. What sort of timeline does the lawyer anticipate for your unique case?

  12. Can the attorney provide any client testimonials?