The  Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter, APC  represent clients in the full range of arbitrations.  Our attorneys have amassed broad experience as they have continued to become more common in  business disputes. With courts increasingly requiring arbitration as a predicate to trial, you can rely on our litigators for in-depth knowledge of both mediation strategy and the panels from which mediators are appointed.

Advantages of arbitration include: 

-Accelerated resolution of the case 
-Reduced cost because of limited discovery and motion practice 
-Selection of neutrals with expertise in handling the specific type of case 
-Unavailability of a jury trial 
-Virtual inability to appeal the case 
-Confidentiality associated with the alternative dispute resolution process 
-Less adversarial nature of alternative dispute resolution 

Our first task is to explain the differences between arbitrations, mediations and traditional litigation, particularly if the client is faced with a choice of which method of dispute resolution to utilize. We review with clients the frequently-cited advantages and disadvantages of the forms of dispute resolution and do our best to dispel myths that have developed about the various methods. Then, we evaluate the particular matter in question to determine how the unique characteristics of each dispute resolution method can produce optimal results for the client.

We prepare for and present each aspect of an arbitration case in a fashion that takes advantage of the benefits of arbitration based upon our collective knowledge and experience. We help choose the right arbitrators and minimize costs through techniques that are unique to arbitration.