About Our Firm

The Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter, APC, is a personable, small-town law firm with vast experience and a winning track record.   Dedicated attorneys that take a sincere, hands-on approach to your problems will capably represent you.
We’re conveniently located in the heart of the Bay Area in downtown San Carlos, readily accessible from I-280 and Highway 101 We are committed to offering practical resolutions through personal attention and high-quality legal representation. Reaching fair resolutions to complex legal problems in the most cost-effective manner is our main priority.  

Our practice focuses on solving problems, not on unnecessary confrontation.  We are specially trained to ‘negotiate’ between opposing parties.  We prefer ‘collaborative’ dispute resolutions to more costly, stressful, time-consuming litigation. Our clients typically remain with us for many years because we help them plan for and avoid potential legal pitfalls, and when those problems do arise, we help them find resolution quickly and with less hassle.
With more than 65 years of combined legal experience, the Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter, APC, offer a broad range of specialized services, including:

●Negotiation, Mediation & Collaboration
●Personal Injury
●Family Law
●Real Estate
●Estate  and Trust Planning & Administration
●Businesses, including private propreitorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations

 When you need a lawyer to handle your legal matters-whether preventative planning and/or dispute resolution involving personal injury issues, family law issues (including divorce/disolution), real estate transactions and disputes, estate planning needs (including trusts and wills), and business law issues, contact our San Carlos law office to schedule an appointment. Personal injury claims are handled on a contingency fee basis–meaning no results, no fees.  There is no charge for an initial personal unjury consultation. 

Mediation, negotiation and/or the collaborative practice apply not only to divorce and family law issues but may also be applicable to all types of dispute resolution.

Our attorneys are skilled and practiced in negotiating with self-represented parties or other attorneys in seeking to resolve disputes.  Mediation may be accomplished solely between the parties to a dispute wherein the mediator acts as a facilitator–not representing the positions of the parties but rather working with the parties to assist them in understanding the other party's position, exploring alternative solutions, thereby allowing the parties to reach a result satisfatory to all sides.  Mediation can also be handled with the participation of the parties and their attorneys.  The mediation process is flexible in order to meet the needs and best interests of the parties.

Collaborative practice, a form of resolving disputes in a non-litigious fashion—one that allows clients to maintain control—-working with attorneys and other professionals trained in mediation and collaboration, has primarily been applied in the areas of family law and divorce.  It is an avenue of dispute resolution that is slowing expanding into other areas of dispute resolution, such as medical malpractice and probate disputes. It is our goal to see the collaborative process applied to all areas of civil dispute between individuals and/or businesses in order to provide an approach to resolution of issues, which should result in less expense to the parties and in ending the win-lose proposition, so that both sides find themselves in a win-win situation.


Meet the Attorneys

Philip Shecter

Philip H. Shecter received his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of San Francisco in 1965 and his Juris Doctor degree in law from the University

Randall Witte

Randall J. Witte has been a practicing attorney with the law firm since 1978. Randall attended College of San Mateo, received his undergraduate degree from San Francisco


Philip Shecter is a superb attorney who practices in San Carlos; he is versed in many specialized areas of the law–real estate, divorce, trusts, personal injury and international law.  He can do it all and do it well!

Jane H.

I retained Phil Shecter as an attorney for my divorce and he has been excellent. He has a way of cutting through the drama and focusing on what matters. He held true to his promise that he would act and represent me as if it were his own case.

Emily B.

I met Mr. Shecter over 16 years ago.  He assisted me with a new lease regarding the mens clothing retail store I was opening here in San Carlos.  Not only was he a wonderful help in guiding me; and insuring that I was well protected with appropriate provisions in the lease.

Fredy J.San Carlos

Philip Shecter is an absolute professional.  I've worked with law firms professionally for well over a decade and can count on one hand the times I've come across an attorney with the level of integrity and honor that Mr. Shecter has displayed throughout the course of my dissolution. .

B B - Woodside

This law firm is very efficient, after the office visit there was a prompt follow up from the attorney I consulted with. This law firm also is good at investigating the matters of your concern. I would highly recommend this law firm.

Monika M.Daly City

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